Harp Rental

At Harmonie Harp Music & Art Centre, we offer brand new instruments in Rent to Own Program or secondhand that are available in stock at our Centre.


Advantage of Hiring Harp

Hiring an instrument is the easiest way to begin playing the harp.

It enables you to discover the pleasures of playing with the minimum financial outlay and can provide a cost effective route to playing larger pedal harps as you progress. For many parents, rental can reduce the risk of directly purchasing an instrument when they are unsure their children will take to the harp.


Long Term Hiring a harp

Minimum rental period to rent a brand new lever harp is 12 months.  Lever harp rental is with minimum rental period 6 months and pedal harp rental is with minimum rental period 9 months.  To make an enquiry about hiring an instrument, you may contact us by phone or email.


Once we have confirmed that we can meet your requirements, you will just need to complete our rental agreement form. We will then be able to deliver your instrument to you.

N.B: Harp rental is only available to customers in Hong Kong.


Buying Your Hired Harp

There is rental refund if client decide to buy the rental harp. Details please refer to your rental agreement.


Rent to Own

We provide brand new harp hiring to client who is potentially own a harp. To make an enquiry about hiring new instrument, you may contact us by phone or email.


One-off Harp Rental

Harps may be hired for a short tour, festival, concert, or for theatre and media purposes. One-off harp rental is subject to availability.

If you are interested in hiring a harp for a particular event, please contact us.


Terms and Conditions

1. Harps must be insured by the hirer or hirer will be fully responsible for any damage during rental period.

2. At the end of the rental period instruments must be returned at the hirer’s expense by approved transport.

3. All strings when broken to be replaced at hirer's expense during rental period.

4. Customer is responsible to return harps on rental period expiry date.

5. Our Centre reserve the right to charge client for any repairs / regulation work required.

6. To rent a harp, the hirer needs to sign rental agreement.